Extraordinary ice pralines with a liquor kick

Extraordinary ice pralines with a liquor kick

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New Dessert Experience

Get to know unique, deLiQious flavours. We let you enjoy quality ice cream in a jacket of the finest Belgian chocolate.

And that slug of LiQueur? That's for that extra kick that you won't find anywhere else. Cheers!

Better For The Planet

We ensure that all our packaging is 100% recyclable. All our milk comes from happy, free-range pasture cows. And how do we make our ice cream? It is all produced sustainably, locally, and on a small scale. Duh! This is the spirit of LiQ.

¿Vive en España? Entonces puedes encontrar nuestros chocolates en DIA.

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    LIQ is not just an ice cream. It is a way of life, a seduction, a guilty pleasure with spirit, common sense and a conscience. A billowing summer dress. Goosebumps. A party for the planet with an explosion of honest natural flavours with a devilishly tasty slug of booze. Think Belgian. Think different. Think LiQ.

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